The Hurst Trader has been beta tested by people around the world (in 26 countries) and we are now preparing the application for its commercial release (which will be in October of 2010).

The software has MANY features, including:

  • The ability to open ASCII format and MetaStock format data. Download ASCII data for free from Yahoo finance and others, or MetaStock data is available from many sources, including Reuters Data Link. (A month free trial of Reuters Data Link end-of-day data is available to THT users).
  • Perform an accurate cyclic analysis on the data.
  • Use the commonality model that THT constantly updates to refine¬†your analysis.
  • Build your own expert model, which allows you to apply your own knowledge and experience in cyclic analysis.
  • Generate trading orders:
    • BUY and SELL entry orders
    • STOPLOSS orders (based on Hurst’s cyclic principles)
    • TAKE PROFIT orders (based on Hurst’s profit-taking approach)
  • Enter trades “manually”, and have THT monitor your trades according to Hurst’s cyclic principles.
  • Save your charts in workspaces, which THT will update and monitor as new data is added.
  • Perform scans on watchlists, enabling you to monitor large numbers of charts with minimal effort.
  • Perform back tests over your data to find the best cycles to trade.
  • Use the THT screensaver to build trading histories which reveal the best cycles to trade.
  • Use the Portfolio Manager to monitor the performance of a portfolio traded using THT, and learn¬†how well diversified your portfolio is.
  • Inverting an analysis (use the powerful phasing analysis engine to find synchronised peaks instead of troughs). This is particularly useful for the analysis of commodities and currencies.
  • Work with intraday data, and a real-time capability that will allow you to trade intraday cycles.
  • Import data from MetaTrader 4 to be analysed in THT.
  • Live trading integration with MetaTrader 4 and IB’s TWS.
 Date Posted: 30 May 2008 @ 01 10 PM
Last Modified: 15 Sep 2010 @ 09 48 AM
Posted By: admin
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