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Welcome to the home page of The Hurst Trader users. This page is the “base camp” of your learning journey with THT, it is the home of The Hurst Trader user. Please bookmark the page because it is not accessible from any of the menus or links on the site.

In case you haven’t already downloaded, or if you ever need to re-download The Hurst Trader, do so here:

Download THT

The software has an automatic update facility built into it, but if necessary you can also download updates by clicking on the above link and following the same procedure as for a fresh installation. Your workspace files will not be affected.

Updating the software
Because The Hurst Trader is still in development, it is important that you are working with the latest version of the software at all times so as to benefit from improvements as they are made. The software has an automatic facility for checking for updates which it does every time you start it up. If you tend to leave programs open for a long time, it would be advisable to occasionally close the program and restart it so that it can check for updates.

The update is relatively simple – the program will download the new version using Internet Explorer. Please always close THT before you start the installation process. There is no need to uninstall THT before installing the new version – it will overwrite the previous version.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether you have the latest version you can do two things: use the menu Help| Check for updates, or go to the download page given above, and compare the version number with the version you will see if you use the menu Help| About.

Learning to use the software
Below you will find tutorial videos which we strongly recommend you watch! We also hold a regular webinar, which takes place (almost) every second Wednesday at 11am GMT. If you would like to attend the webinars, and receive email correspondence about them, please tick the webinar member box of your profile which can be accessed via the update/change profile link at the foot of any email you receive about The Hurst Trader, or you can register here.

Tutorial Videos
How to use the software! Please watch these videos, which replace the conventional “user manual” which is being developed as The Hurst Trader is developed. These videos are updated as we progress through the development of the software, so it might be necessary to return here and watch some of the videos again. Because they are a “work in progress” they are a little rough. The comments beneath some of the videos are additional points that should have been made in that video.

You must watch these videos:
1. Getting Started (if this link doesn’t work, click here)

Please note that a “Beta Tester’s license” no longer applies. The software is fully functional when you install it, for a 30-day trial period. You do not need a beta tester’s license to unlock the trading functionality. This video will be re-recorded soon.

A note about workspaces: if you have several charts within a workspace, and you update your data then THT updates the analysis on all those charts simultaneously (using the multi-threading capability of your computer). You will find that analysing many charts simultaneously can put your computer under some pressure – and might make it unresponsive for a few minutes. I would recommend therefore a maximum of 4 charts per workspace.

2. Working with Charts (if this link doesn’t work, click here)
3. Analysis Basics (if this link doesn’t work, click here)
4. Analysis on the Chart (if this link doesn’t work, click here)
5. The Screensaver (if this link doesn’t work, click here)

CHARTS are assigned to the screensaver, not workspaces, so if you have several charts within a single workspace and would like to assign them all to the screensaver, then you will need to assign them individually.

The Activate Screensaver menu item has been changed to Activate/Reset Screensaver. If the screensaver encounters an error it cannot handle, use this menu option to reset it.

The screensaver automatically shuts down every hour – this is because it stores a lot of information for error reporting which becomes redundant, and the easiest way of clearing that information is by restarting the screensaver. If your computer is unattended it will simply start up again after the standard screensaver delay.

The screensaver is generally very responsive – it detects mouse or keyboard activity and closes down instantly, but there are some occasions when it doesn’t respond. If this happens to you, please take a look at what the screensaver is currently doing (it will say what it is doing in the “task pane”), and press Ctrl-Alt-Del. That stops it in its tracks! Then let us know about it.

6. Automating with Scan Lists (if this link doesn’t work, click here)

When scanning a watchlist The Hurst Trader opens up each workspace, and triggers the analysis on each chart in that workspace. If your workspaces consist of single charts, you will find that the process will run in the background quite well. If your workspaces consist of several charts (3 or more) then the analysis process will be very demanding on your computer’s processor, and you won’t be able to do much else with your computer! Something to bear in mind when you create your workspaces.

If you have any questions please either post them to the forum, or email them:

These videos are optional, but will give you greater insight:
7. FLD’s – Future Lines of Demarcation (if this link doesn’t work, click here). FLD’s are an important element of Hurst’s Cyclic Theory. This video explains briefly what an FLD is, and shows practically how to work with FLD’s in The Hurst Trader. Recommended reading: Hurst’s Cycles Course, Lesson 2, Sections 5, 6 & 7.

8. Multiple FLD’s & FLD patterns (if this link doesn’t work, click here). FLD’s are especially powerful when the FLD’s of multiple cycles are interpreted together, and the patterns they form are understood. Recommended reading: Hurst’s Cycles Course, Lesson 2, Section 8.

9. Additional FLD refinements (if this link doesn’t work, click here). The use of “refined FLDs” in The Hurst Trader, and several useful refinements to FLD theory, including when an FLD signal is meaningless, and using the FLD as support. Recommended reading: Hurst’s Cycles Course, Lesson 4, Section 7 & The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing, Chapter 6.

10. VTL’s – Valid Trend Lines (if this link doesn’t work, click here). Valid Trend Lines are important tools for supporting cyclic analysis decisions. Recommended reading: Hurst’s Cycles Course, Lesson 2, Section 3 & 4.

11. Phasing Analysis – Introduction (if this link doesn’t work, click here). Phasing Analysis is the core of what The Hurst Trader does. Understanding how it performs this process is vital to getting the best results from THT. Recommended reading: Hurst’s Cycles Course, Lesson 3, Section 8 & The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing, Chapter 4.

Webinar downloads
Download the recorded webinars here. Unzip the downloaded file, and double-click on the NetViewer Player file. Then open the accompanying webinar file. Note that many questions are asked and comments made in the chat window, so I would recommend that you use the Options menu to open the Chat window while you are watching the webinar (otherwise I sound as if I’m a little crazy…)

1. An introduction to THT

2. FLD’s – Future Lines of Demarcation

3. VTL’s – Valid Trend Lines

4. Introduction to Phasing Analysis Please note there were technical problems in the broadcast of this webinar which are also present in the recording – the video and audio freeze for about 30 seconds every 4-5 minutes. My apologies for this.

5. Phasing Analysis: use of Expert models.

6. Phasing Analysis: continued.

7. Phasing Analysis: concluded.

8. Trading Settings.

9. Volatility & Correlation Indices.

10. Trading with THT (part one).

11. Trading with THT (part two).

12. Trading with THT (part three – short selling).

13. Trading with THT (part four – manual trading).

14. The THT “Process”

15. A summary of Series I Please note that internet connectivity problems caused two breaks in the transmission. There are therefore 3 webinar files.

16. THT’s Portfolio Manager

Series II Webinars
These webinars cover a broader range to topics, but are all of interest to THT users.

1. An Overview of Cycles Research

2. A review of known cycles

3. The Harmonics Theory (part I)

4. The Harmonics Theory (part II)

Series III Webinars
These webinars explain the “new generation” of THT (version 1.3).

1. An overview of the “new generation” of THT

2. Custom Nominal Models

3. Intraday Charts & Analysis

4. Real Time Analysis & Trading

5. Sentient Trading Introduction

Users Forum
The Hurst Trader is being used by people from all over the world. Join the community of THT users and exchange ideas, track bugs and submit feature requests in the THT Users forum. Please note that in order to view all the forums, and to post to the forum you will need to register.

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    i just downloaded the software and learning how to operate that software, it is very complicated !!

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